How to Gain More Customers Online

The decision to open an E-Commerce business required guts and dedication. You have your website set up and inventory ready to ship out to your customers. If you are a lucky person then your orders have started to pour in immediately, but if you are like the rest of you are steady waiting. It’s been a couple of months and you have yet to see an influx of sales. Though you would like to give up, don’t. There are a list of tips and techniques that can help to increase your customers.

Rewrite Your Descriptions 

I know that you have taken a lot of time out to perfect your E-Commerce site. This includes writing the perfect description to your products. You may think that your description is perfect because it provides details about the product, but your description may be turning your customers away. Your description should connect with your potential customers. Share the benefits of your products not just a description.

Offer Free Shipping 

Free shipping is a great way to reel in customers. Offer free shipping for all of your products or to customers that spend a certain amount in your store. The secret to offering free shipping is to add the cost into the price tag. For example, if you are selling t-shirts for $12.99 plus $2.00 for shipping then customers may see the shipping charge as a turn off from purchasing the product. Not if you were to see the same t-shirt for $14.99, this may compel the potential customer to buy with ease. Once your order start to poor you can use the fifo method to keep up with your inventory.

Get Leads 

Potential customers may flock to your website, but unfortunately they do not spend any money on your products. This could be due to a number of reasons; maybe they are just price shopping, they do not have enough money to make a purchase, or they are just virtually window shopping to gain gift ideas. Instead of allowing your potential customers to freely leave, turn them into a lead. You can do this with the help of site pop ups. The pop up will prompt your E-commerce site visitors to enter in their email address. With the potential customer’s email you now have a way to keep in contact with them. Send them product reminders, coupons, or information about new products.

Write a Blog 

Blogging is not just for writers, it can be a powerful marketing tool for your e-commerce store. If you are selling dog treats on at your E-commerce store, then it would be a good idea to start a blog about the health of dogs or dogs in general. If you create informative content, then people will read the content and gain an interest in your products.

Offer Free Samples 

There are a number of popular social media persons that have a huge following. You can use these individuals to your advantage. Provide them with friend’s samples and ask if they can try the samples and give a review of the product via their social media account. This can really help to boost your sales.

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