How to Choose the Best VPS Hosting for Your Website?

Right since the launch of virtualisation, there has been an increase in the popularity and acceptance of VPS Hosting. These plans are the perfect step-up from Shared Hosting plans before moving to a Dedicated Server. However, not all VPS Server plans are the same. Hence, it is essential to consider all aspects before buying a VPS plan.

Today, we will share some pointers to help you choose the best VPS Hosting for your website.

  1. Look for complete root access

One of the primary features that make VPS Hosting desirable to site owners is the ability to customise the hosting environment. This is possible if the website hosting provider offers complete root access. It is a vital feature as it allows you to install any application or software and create a hosting environment that is tailored for your website. Whether you are opting for Unmanaged or Managed VPS services, ensure that you have complete root access.

  1. Choose carefully between SSD and HDD

All web servers used Hard Disk Drives (HDD) before the invention of Solid State Drives (SSD). SSDs have taken server storage performance to an entirely new level. There is a marked difference in performance between an HDD and SSD. While SSDs are costlier than HDDs, the performance offsets the cost. Hence, if you are looking for a powerful VPS Hosting service, then you might want to consider an SSD-based VPS plan.

  1. Security Policies

Virtual servers are known for being highly secure. However, it would be irresponsible to assume that all web hosts have similar security policies and offer similar security features to VPS users. Hence, ensure that you look at the security protocol followed by the hosting provider and assess if it meets your site’s requirements. Look for web hosts that offer regular monitoring, proactive scanning for vulnerabilities, and the latest security tools. Also, you might want to talk to the host to understand how they ensure server security for your VPS.

  1. Support

Online users expect websites to be up and running at all times. Also, when you run a website, there are servers, networks and several devices that work together to keep your site functional. The presence of so many devices also means that a glitch can happen anywhere and at any time. Hence, having a technical support team that is available around the clock should be one of the requirements of a good VPS plan.

Summing Up

Remember, before you buy VPS Hosting plans, assess the hosting needs of your website and create a list of features that you want. Then, start researching the market and look for the options available to you. Once you have narrowed the list down to two or three providers, start comparing hosting services and reading reviews to find the right hosting provider that offers the perfect plan. Good Luck!

Post Author: WebEditor