Features Of The Spotify For Artists App Explained!

Manage everything related to the music, followers, and listeners with the help of Spotify For Artists app, a program created particularly for musicians with the Spotify profile. This tool makes it simple to manage all related to music. Change the image of your channel, make playlists, write the bio, or make an assortment of artists for sharing with the followers from the personal profile on this app. On top of this, the tool has the huge benefit of providing you the capability of promoting the music to as many individuals as possible and then observes how the number of followers, listeners, and other data changes.

If you are an artist and have the Spotify account, this app is ideal for managing everything, no matter where you’re from the device. If you do not have the Spotify page, have the company contact Spotify or record label, as they just accept music from the official distributor. Share new releases and upcoming tours with the followers and enjoy the community you have made thanks to this management tool.

Expression And Connection:

Profile tools allow you to customize the bio and profile picture. Featured and artist pick playlists allow you to select a playlist or release for featuring at the top of the profile, or even append a fundraising link.

  • Canvas: Little looping visuals that are sharable on the Instagram Stories. Only accessible to select artists.

Playlisting And Promotion:

Spotify desire to assist all its users in locating the next fan. The playlists of Spotify can really make the independent artist in 2020. You can easily submit to the algorithm-driven personalized playlists and editorial playlists of Spotify like Discover Weekly, Release Radar, and Daily Mix through this app.

  • Marquee: Pop-up different new release advertisements for the listeners who like the music of yours.
  • Ad Studio: Make interactive audio advertisements that play between tracks for the free users of Spotify.

Teams And Collaboration:

Labels, musicians, managers, and more can all work together on one page. It really brings everybody together with the assignable roles for every user.

  • SoundBetter: Simply locate and employ the music producer right within this app for working on the next song.
  • Publishing Analytics: Provides everybody comprising publishers and songwriters stats, comprising streams through the remixes and cover versions.

You can easily download this app on the Google Play Store, App Store, or claim the profile online.

Data And Analytics:

Get in detail with the statistics with all the numbers you require that detail precisely how you are doing, how you are being located, and where your audience really is. The real-time statistics allow you to see player by player for the new launches:


Spotify has released many online videos for assisting the artist in maximizing their potential for exposure on this platform. The video series, known as The Game Plan, touches on things such as the perfect launch timeline, and how you can build the audience by utilizing Spotify’s tool. Since July 2018, Spotify APK is also asking artists to submit their music for the playlist contemplation directly through this particular portal.

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