Important News About The NASDAQ: DUO Stock

Fangdd Network Group Ltd. is the best online real estate company and is a famous one in the republic of china. In this company, you will find all the types of technical news about the real estate properties and also financial support. Thus it will be the best one for the investors. The earnings per share of the company are about 0.03 dollars per share. Bothe return of equity and the net margin will be on the negative side, about 113.53 % and 25.29 %, respectively. About the seven million shares are issued with a rate of thirteen dollars per share.

Second quarter earnings report

In the second quarter, the new projects have been increased by approximately twenty-five percent every year. This means that the quarter over quarter increase is about approximately twenty-three percent. The revenue for the second quarter is decreased by about the RMB 121 million. The gross margin is 16.4 percent. Thus the total revenue in the second quarter is RMB 616.7 million. Because of the corona pandemic situation, the NASDAQ: DUO at also has reduced the sales and marketing expenses by 86.3 percent, which means that its current expense is RMB 2.9 million. Also, the product development expense has faced a slight decrease. The share price of the duo stock is around seven dollars currently.

Other details of the stock

The NASDAQ: DUO is having the market capitalization of over five-fifty million dollars. The company is having a debt of about 0.37 billion dollars within a few months. The 132.89 cash receivable due is available for the firm. Thus the company has made a little bit of improvement in the growth compared to the last year. Thus the company will have the chance to provide a good profit in the future. If you are trading this stock, then you can confidently make the investment to gain a massive amount.

Investor and shareholder alerts

In the month of June, the company’s stock price has fallen during the intraday trading session. It is the best one for their investors to know about the further details of the NASDAQ: DUO stock and get the relevant news from its official website. The company has met the big trouble as they have been investigated for engaging in security frauds and other wrong business activities. The company has announced the Initial public offering of about six million shares. The share like NASDAQ: DENN at price of many of the shares is thirteen dollars per share. Before investing in the stock, it is better to ask your trading agent or the others to do safe trading.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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