Which Web Hosting Service Will Your Website Need?

While companies consolidate their commitment in the cloud, there are many doubts that arise when choosing between the different web hosting services. So, what are the types of existing hosting and how to choose the most suitable for your business?

There are four types of hosting mainly and each of them presents its own characteristics. Before selecting an alternative or a combination of them, it is necessary to study the specific needs of the company. After that, you can evaluate the best hosting you need according to your technical requirements and the budget.

Types of hosting: cloud, shared, dedicated and VPS. Which to choose?

In general, there are four types of hosting:

1.      Cloud Hosting

It is an infrastructure model as a service (IaaS) that provides a set of virtual capabilities. In cloud hosting, the entire capacity of a data center is delivered to multiple users. This distribution is simultaneously and remotely. This brings flexibility and scalability to businesses.

In addition, it reduces costs by preventing companies from having to invest money in physical components for on-premise infrastructure.

2.      Shared Hosting

It is a hosting mode in which different clients share the same resources of a server. However, they cannot have control over performance. As a result, they only have limited access to a small part of server resources.

Its main advantage is the economy and ease of use. This is the cause of its great popularity. On the other hand, its disadvantages are slower performance. As well as an increased risk of downtime and difficulties climbing.

3.      Dedicated Hosting (Dedicated Server)

In this mode, an entire physical server is hired, which allows you to enjoy all your resources without having to share them. However, among all types of hosting, this is the one that implies higher costs and a higher responsibility, as the infrastructure has to be managed.

4.      VPS Hosting

A VPS Hosting, known as Virtual Private Server (VPS) or private virtual server is a physical machine whose resources are divided among multiple users. Although they can maintain control over performance, which generates advantages over shared hosting.

Its main disadvantages are its low tolerance to hardware failures and the difficulty in guaranteeing the actual availability of contracted resources.

How to choose the type of hosting for your company?

The type of hosting to choose depends on the needs of each company in terms of information traffic. It also depends on the desired scalability.

If an organization plans to develop a large internal management platform or an application with thousands of visitors each month, it is advisable to consider a dedicated hosting or cloud, due to the high demand it will have.

On the other hand, if the organization is going to implement a small blog or a limited web page, and its staff does not have the advanced technical knowledge, you can select a shared hosting or VPS, which also allows you to save significantly on costs.

When you buy hosting, you have to take into account important variables, such as:

  • Data transfer limits
  • Availability of backup services
  • Disaster recovery capacity
  • Security measures applied by the supplier
  • Compatibility with own computer systems

There are cases in which virtualization is not necessary and for which a traditional hosting is enough. For example, services that need big resources and advance control in VPS or dedicated server plan. VPS and Dedicated Server plan usually enable you to perform database remote access or application tests.

Therefore, when selecting between the different types of web hosting companies and their plan, it is necessary to analyze what it will be used for.

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