How To Become Better With E-commerce Digital Agency

Many product marketers find themselves bound (and lazy) when approaching the sale of a product. It is likely that the aesthetics of the product and the online store are already marked in advance, so the easy solution is to present a brand always following the same line.

What should ecommerce web design take into account?

The design of catapult revenueof a product sheet has to give everything to the client and, at the same time, leave something in their hands: a little interactivity, decision-making capacity and options, as has always been the experience of searching and testing products in a physical store.

Keys for web design in ecommerce

The number one priority of the ecommerce marketer and designer is to always remember that customers change their minds and tastes, and that trends are not a whim. A good online company like catapult revenue knows how to adapt to the Ecommerce Business change of season and the times, incorporating conclusions from audience analysis into its design.

Sharpness and clarity

The catapult revenue design is thought for the sight and touch, with elements that are easy to distinguish and with which it is easy to interact on mobile screens.

Type of funds

The most effective in ecommerce are generally neutral or pure white.

Key colors

You can follow a corporate palette, but they should always be uniform and eye-catching, without being garish, and used in key visual areas (like buttons and CTAs).

Element placement

The most important content elements for the user should always be located at the top of the screen: the title, the featured image, the price, the buy button and the costs and shipping times.

Good data classification

The catapult revenuegeneral descriptions is separated from the pure technical data (more suitable in bullets). This task is very easy if you have already done a previous product content management.


Image galleries must be of high quality and uniform, with the same image format and aesthetic line on all tabs. It offers different models of image navigation: thumbnail galleries or full image. An attractive trend is to integrate product photographs with the background of the card, eliminating the feeling of a box.

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