Understanding the Custom Printing Options That You Have

Branded printed umbrellas are among the best promotional items in the market. The most important thing that you need to understand are the printing options that are at your disposal. There are several printing techniques, and each of them delivers different results. Even though some of them begin to chip away and fade, some of them are permanently printed on the umbrella. Therefore, it is crucial to determine the best printing method for your brand.

In most cases, the printing options that you choose depends on the umbrella manufacturer you choose and the methods that they are offering. If you have decided on the method that you want to apply on your printed umbrellas, it’s good to ask the manufacturer whether he can accommodate your unique needs. Here are some of the options that you can use for your printed umbrellas.

Businesses have invested in billboards, TV commercials and other promotional items over the years to help establish their brand in their customers’ minds. They also invest in customized promotional items, both small and large, to make their brand stand apart from the rest. While promotional items can have an impact on customers and viewers, none of them can compare to the impact of a custom printed plastic bags. There has been a shift to eco-friendly bags and bags made from natural fibers in recent years. However, personalized printing are still a popular choice for many businesses.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is a traditional method that is highly effective because it produces long lasting results. In this approach, the designer will transfer your images to the surface of the umbrella using ink that is presses via a stencilled silk screen. The designer used light-sensitive emulsion to treat the prints. This method offers an excellent reproduction of your coloured logos and this printing technique is cost effective.

Digital Printing

Printing umbrellas digitally allows you to panel print with the use of vibrant colours and patterns. This technique offers a shorter production time and you can create some breath taking printed umbrella’s using digital printing as Full Color Printed Bags. It would have been otherwise difficult to achieve such results. You can combine different visual effects in creating umbrellas that will pass across the desired message and also visually impressive to your target audience.

Dye Sublimation Printing

Heat transfer printing makes use of the sublimation inks on the surface of your umbrella using the heating process. Generally, it is combination of pressure, heat, and time that make the inks to convert from the solid state to the gaseous form and this makes it possible for it to permanently penetrate through the umbrella material. The results are resistance to scratching and long lasting products and hence you will not worry that your prints will come off as your customers wash the umbrella. The primary method of this printing technique is that there will be no deteriorations of prints even after there is a prolonged use. Also, there is no limitation on the number of prints that you can make.

UV Printing

This refers to a low energy umbrella printing technique that will dramatically reduce the use of solvents during the process. The technique offers exemplary printing colour matches especially when using it on dark fabrics and delivers a remarkable level of detail even for intricate designs and small texts. It is an environmentally friendly method and you will love the smooth finish that you get on your umbrellas.

Other than printing, you may also choose to go for other striking effects like sewing and embroidery that will make your umbrellas to stand out. You can combine this with your preferred printing methods so as to create decorative printed umbrellas that will promote your brand in a stylish manner. The designers use sophisticated embroidery machines to achieve the desired results and you can choose from a broad range of labels, sleeve decorations, panel designs, and effects.

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