How to make software development

Finding a true, seamless back-end software partner can be challenging in a crowded market. To refine your search, it is important to review the key elements within each prospective development model before committing to an official partnership. Full verification of each prospect will ensure that you not only complete your project goals, but supersede them.

Industrial Experience

Establish the baseline by inquiring about your developer standards. Identify if your staff leverage the in-depth knowledge your project requires, and ask what technologies, standards, and regulations are fluent. Each industry has a unique technology paradigm, so hiring a software development company segmented by industry is paramount to the success of the project. If a developer can corroborate previous experiences within their specific environment, they can implement the appropriate techniques and comply with all regulatory standards inherent to their project.

Technology Experience

Have you implemented these technologies before? Hiring a software development company, Velvetech that services a broad spectrum of technologies ensures that you are associated with a development team ready to implement your native programming language. This will certainly reduce the number of unforeseen crashes and the amount of time spent assimilating the project code.


The first possible issue that clients address is the language and cultural barrier that prevents effective communication between them and the development team. The shortfall can lead to miscommunication of project requirements, delivery expectations, and weakens the partnership as a whole, as both parties are frustrated by the inability to articulate properly. The second problem customers are targeting is time zone differences. When hiring a company where the majority of development occurs overseas, there may be 12 hours between the client and the developers. As a result, customers can feel like they need to be awake at all hours, ready for management problems that occur in the development team’s time zone.

Code ownership

Who owns the property data? A very important aspect to consider when selecting a software development partner is who owns the intellectual property and the source code once the project is complete. Some companies may charge license fees or usage fees for software developed by their teams for the customer, as they retain all rights to any product they create.

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