You Can Find the Road to Marijuana Licensing Buried Beneath All the Paperwork

Now that Nevada has finally been able to celebrate a full year of legal weed, and Jeff Sessions appears to be running out of ammo it should start getting easier for the common person to get licensed in the Marijuana business and cash in on all those investment opportunities. You’d think so anyway but don’t count on it, men like Sessions may still have a few road blocks up their political sleeves.

Naturally people panicked after that memo in Jan. 2018 that claimed Feds were going to rescind the DOJ mandate which protects a Nevadans rights to operate in the Marijuana business legally. All that panic for nothing when once again Sessions turned out to be a threat full of nothing but hot air. Political scare tactics ought to be what’s prohibited but such is life when you’re on the losing side and ticked off about it.

Don’t Get Left Behind

The difficulties in acquiring a Nevada marijuana license shouldn’t keep you from at least getting your application submitted. Anyone who waits to see which way the political wind will blow next could find themselves at the end of a very long line. Qualified applicants will only have ten days to get their paperwork in, from 9-07-18 to 9-20-18 between 8am and 5pm is your chance, after that the door closes and who knows when the next time will come around for more licensing dates.

Be prepared to face an application 7 pages long full of questions that will need detailed answers. As long as you already hold a MMJ Establishment Registration Certificate the same application covers a license to grow, produce, retail sales, testing and distribution. There isn’t space here to reprint all application instructions, the following list is just a small sample of what to expect.

  • All fees connected to your request are to be included with your application.
  • Make sure you have all certificate and tax I.D. numbers memorized or, even better bring copies of these documents with you.
  • Provide full, accurate answers. The government expects detail so skimping will not do.

Finally, Nevadans have the right to smoke a legal joint, and enjoy edibles or patches. All those consumers will need a place to shop and that could be your store once you get a license to hang on your wall. Of course, the entire process is harder and probably more complicated than it needs to be but aren’t most things when it comes to the Federal Government?


The opposition is falling state by state, today Nevada is the newest kid on the block, tomorrow who knows? The black market no longer has a choke hold on the Marijuana business and it makes sense with all that money to be made, why not go for your share? You might have to fight for it, wait in lines and then deal with grumpy bureaucrats but once you get that license up on the wall, how it got there isn’t going to matter.

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