A Whole New Concept of Technology: Google WIFI


Wi-Fi is a type of wireless network technology which gives access to the internet. Desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other devices such as cameras and printers can be connected to the internet. You can exchange information, gain information, connect with people around the world. Not only the internet is important for all these activities, but a good connection of the internet is required.

The occurrence of the Internet:

A wireless router gives you internet connectivity. When you turn on Wi-Fi on your device, you connect a wireless router with your device. It allows interfacing with the internet. Commonly found at home wireless routers is a hardware device which is used by the Internet providers to connect to their cable for access to the Internet. The wireless router is also known as WLAN device, and that is why the network is called the Wi-Fi

Mesh Routers and Google Wi-Fi:

The latest upgraded technology for home Wi-Fi network is the mesh routers. At first, it was used for large places where it was difficult to get a secure internet connection, but now home Wi-Fi can be optimized with a form of mesh networking.  Many big companies have introduced while others are still struggling to be in the line.

Features of Google Wi-Fi Router and its Performance:

Google Wi-Fi Router is a small cylindrical device with a diameter of 10.6 cm and a height of 6.9 cm. It has a LED light which turns blue showing that the network is in good shape and if there is a problem it turns Orange. It can handle two data transmissions simultaneously, i.e., MIMO technology, which has a speed of 1.2 Gbps. It has 4 Wi-Fi antennas and a Bluetooth antenna which can connect up to 4 satellites to the main router. To install the router, you will have to download the Google Wi-Fi application on your device. The connection speed is average as compared to other mesh routers, and it also lacks the MU-MIMO technology to meet the clients need. The parental control is not much advanced, but still, it offers to block adult websites, apply internet access schedule, and to cut off access to certain devices. It might be a good choice if you want a modern and unobtrusive router. For more information, you can visit this URL

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